The Do's & Don'ts of surfing:
  • No Alcohol

    Bit of an obvious one this, but alcohol and sea water don't mix. Save the drinking till the after - there are some great pubs in Croyde where you can brag about your day with fellow surfers.

  • Be Aware

    Keep your wits about you and make sure you're aware of other surfers and beach users, as well as the surfing conditions and any warnings from the lifeguards.

  • Board

    Unless you're about to wipe out, hold onto your board if you get into danger. It's the perfect flotation device and can be used to signal for help if you get into trouble. If you do wipe out, grab onto your leash once you've surfaced and pull your board back in when it's safe to do so. Remember always fall off your board, never fall onto it.

  • Confidence

    Be honest about your surfing ability and make sure you surf in waves that you are comfortable with. Over confidence is not smart at sea.

  • Fitness

    Keep in mind that surfing is a strenuous activity - even though some make it look like a piece of cake! Should you loose your board, you'll have to swim back to shore so make sure you're up to it.

  • Food

    Just like swimming, wait an hour after eating before you go surfing.

  • Fun

    Surfing is a fun activity for all involved so make sure you enjoy yourself!.

  • Hold or Throw

    We've all been there - hold onto it or get rid of it? Be sure you know what to do with your board and when. Usually it's advisable to hold onto it if you're paddling out so you don't put anyone behind you at risk of being struck. If you're about to wipe out though, get rid. You don't want to be washed around with your board.

  • Leash

    Always check it for wear and always wear it! If it's damaged or the Velcro is fraying, pop to our Offshore Surf Shop for a new one.

  • Life Guards

    Croyde Bay has RNLI Lifeguards on duty from May to September. Make sure you know your flags before you get into the water and be sure to always follow their advice - they're here to make sure that the beach is a safe, fun and enjoyable place for all.

  • Priority

    Be polite and follow the surfing etiquette. Don't take anyone else's wave. The surfer who is closest to the breaking wave has priority and if you see someone already on a wave, the wave is considered to be taken. Just sit it out and wait for the next one. We have plenty of them at Croyde!