Your Surfing Essentials

We have two Offshore Surf Shops near Surfer's Paradise (one of which is practically on the beach!) and they are perfect for picking up all the surfing essentials during your stay.

With great brands to choose from such as Animal, Oneill, Rip Curl, Tiki, Sola and Xcel we have all surf equipment you'll need. From boards to bikinis, hoodies to wetsuits, soft tops and hard tops and the all important sunblock - if you need it, we'll have it. Plus, if you want to hire the kit, we'll be able to ensure you have everything you'll need to hit the waves. But if you want to hire it, be sure to make your way to either shop sharpish as first come, first served.

In case you forget anything, we have...
4 Hours 24 Hours 5 Days
Wetsuit £8 £12 £45
Soft-top Board £8 £15 £45
Hard-top Board £10 £18 £55
Body Board £6 £10 £40
Flippers £4 £6 £15
Gloves £4 £6 £15
Boots £4 £6 £15

Plus, you can buy Leashes, wax, board bags, clothing, tail pads, wetsuits and much more.

Opening Times - Our main shop is open 9am - 5pm daily. The guys there are happy to advise you on all aspects of surfing from the kit to the surf conditions so feel free to pop in and have a chat.

Please note that any hired kit needs to be returned to the relevant shop by 5pm.

Brands include