Advance bookings are accepted. Bookings can also be made on arrival subject to availability. Payment must be made in full by debit/credit card when you book. Payment on arrival can be made by cash or debit/credit card. All charges shown in this leaflet include VAT at the rate current at the time of printing and may change if the rate of VAT changes. Charges are per person per night plus a charge for vehicles. It is important to remember that space is always subject to availability.

We may impose a minimum number of nights' stay on a booking. Of course if you call to book in advance and we accept your booking we'll guarantee there's space available on your arrival. We welcome groups of all types at Surfer's Paradise including, all-male/all-female parties and mixed groups although we wouldn't normally accept a booking from a group where more than half of the group are under18. Please check when you book. All bookings are accepted at our discretion. When you book you will be asked to let us know all the people in your party and only these people can stay on your pitch. If you have any visitors they can use the facilities that are open to the general public (paying the charges if there are any) but they can't use any other facilities or stay on the pitch. You must let reception know if you do have any visitors.

Pitch space at Surfer's Paradise will normally be available from 12 noon. Occasionally a pitch may be free earlier though we can't guarantee this. Entrance gates will be closed after 11.00pm so you need to arrive in time to pitch before then, and will re-open at 7.00am the following morning. Should you wish to enter or exit outside these hours please contact Reception/Security. When you arrive you must book in at Reception/Security before moving onto the camping fields. You will be issued with a tent permit which must be prominently displayed on the exterior of your tent or camper van to show that you have booked. This permit will be checked daily. You will also need to give details of your vehicle and you will be issued with a parking permit which must be prominently displayed in your vehicle. You may be required to pitch in a certain position to ensure maximum comfort and privacy for both your neighbours and your holiday party.

Camper vans are the only vehicles which may be used for occupation. You may not sleep in your car. You may be required to park on an adjoining area. To ensure that other visitors are not disturbed you can't drive your vehicle on the camping field at Surfer's Paradise between 11.00pm and 7.00am the following morning. The Speed limit of 5mph must be observed.

To allow us to prepare for incoming guests, pitches and all vehicles must vacate Surfer's Paradise by 10.00am on the day of your departure. If you want to extend your stay you must visit Reception before 10.00am on the day you are due to depart. If you don't leave your pitch by 10.00am (or any later time that you have arranged with us) you will be charged for an extra day. On occasion, subject to availability, it may be possible to book a half day to depart at 6.00pm.

Hot water to showers and basins is provided free of charge but you aren't allowed to take hot water away from the shower blocks. No pets are allowed on Surfer's Paradise with the exception of assistance dogs. You are entitled to use the facilities at Ruda Holiday Park which are open to other holiday makers (paying any charges that holiday makers pay). Please be aware that no camping, fires, BBQs, fireworks, glass or alcohol is permitted in the sand dunes or on the beach.

When we accept your booking there's a contract between us. If you cancel or end your holiday early you will not be entitled to any refund. When you book you apply for membership of the Parkdean holidays social and bingo club which entitles you to use the entertainment facilities at Ruda Holiday Park. You will be issued with Ruda entertainment passes on your arrival. If you have more people staying with you than the number you have told us and paid for we can end your holiday immediately and you must leave immediately and you won't receive any refund.

We want everyone staying at Surfer's Paradise to enjoy their holiday and if we think that your behaviour or that of any of your party is disturbing other people, is excessively noisy or is aggressive or inappropriate we have the right to refuse you entry to any of our premises or ask you to leave the premises. In these circumstances we also have the right to end your holiday and if we do you must leave immediately and you won't receive any refund. While you are staying at Surfer's Paradise you are responsible for your own property and possessions at all times and we do not accept any liability for any loss (whether caused by theft or otherwise) or damage to any of your property. You shall be responsible for all loss or damage caused by you or your party to our property or premises.

Very occasionally we may have to close Surfer's Paradise for reasons beyond our control and if we do we will refund you all the money you have paid (if you haven't started your holiday) or for the nights you can't stay (if you have already started your holiday) but we won't have any other liability to you as a result of the closure. If you decide to terminate your holiday due to the weather we will not refund the money you have paid for the nights you are not staying Whilst we try our best to provide the full facilities advertised as being available at Surfer's Paradise, occasionally we may not be able to provide all of these and we make no representations that Surfer's Paradise will provide complete facilities at all times.

The information you give us in connection with your booking is held by Parkdean Resorts (as a data controller) in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (as applicable). We use this information to help us to provide and improve our service to you and to provide you with information about our holidays and holiday homes. We may disclose this information to companies in the Parkdean Resorts group[1] and to our agents, contractors, insurers and insurance brokers and their advisers, and to others if we are legally required to do so, or where we believe it is necessary to protect our or another person’s rights, property or safety. Where you make an enquiry or purchase with us, we will process your data for marketing purposes. If you do not want us to send marketing information about our holidays or holiday homes please contact us using the telephone number or address below. Alternatively, you can email us at We use CCTV cameras at some locations at our holiday parks for crime prevention and safety reasons and telephone calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes. You should ensure other members in your party know about the information you provide and how we use it and agree to it. For further information on how we process your personal data please see our privacy policy.